Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Phew, what a day! The past few days (since we started rice cereal and immediately after her barium swallow showed no asipiration) Ansley has been choking a little bit during some of her feedings and other random times when she isn't eating. She also has been waking up more and more and night crying without us being able to console her. Last night was pretty bad with her waking up every hour at least and having a lot of gagging. There are a few more details in there, but long story short, when I spoke with the GI dr. today, she said we needed to head to the emergency room because it sounded like aspiration and she felt in her gut that she needed to be checked out immediately. I had a momentary moment of panic remembering back to the last time we went in to the ER when Ansley was 10 weeks old. IVs, 2 spinal taps and three days at the hospital. I just dropped onto my knees and began some sort of strange mumbly cry type of prayer. Zachary immediately came over to me and said, "Mommy, you don't need to be afraid. God is always with us." WOW! He used my sweet child to speak His words to me. I was immediately at peace. Thankfully, it was at the end of Rob's day so he headed over to meet us there. Ansley had some baseline lab work and x-rays of her chest and abdomen. We were there for a little over four hours and thankfully, my wonderful parents came to support us (and my dad brought us dinner, thanks dad!!!). They also helped entertain Zachary when we had to take Ansley in for the x-rays. Her chest x-ray came back perfect, NO aspiration, thank you Jesus! Her abdominal x-ray showed a little constipation, so they think she may just be showing some signs of reflux after being introduced to solids. Reflux is definately familiar territory after Zachary had it so bad for nine months. So, we were discharged with report of heading to the GI for some 12-24 hours test that sends a tube down her nose to check for reflux. We have a follow up with our pediatrician and then the GI. But, thankfully, there was no aspiration which was the main concern of the doctors. We spend way too much time at that hospital!

I'll leave you with a funny picture. I spent some time relaxing upstairs for a little bit a few nights ago and came downstairs to this.....

I gave him a 'what in the world are you doing' look and he said,"What? She was fussing unless I held her." Whatever works for ya, babe!

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Hamilton said...

Just wanted to drop you all a note saying "MERRY CHRISTMAS" may all Ansley's and Zachary's angels keep up the great job their doing. Jordan you and Rob carry in your hearts the true meaning of prayer. The prayers will keep coming from here

Aunt Mary & Uncle Junior