Thursday, December 17, 2009

URGENT Prayer Request

Well, here we are again. Back and forth.. good news then bad. Phew! We saw Ansley's ped. this morning and everything looked great. Ansley was sitting up like a champ on the table and her happy, chipper self. She said her lungs sounded fine and we needed to hold off on all of the crazy meds they prescribed Ansley. I was relieved to hear her say that, bc I was feeling that way too. Anyway.. walking out the door to pick up Zachary from Parent's Day Out, I received a call from the ER doctor. He said that he has been further reviewing Ansley's chest x-rays and there appears to be some mild pneumonia. So, that would indicate that she had indeed been aspirating. He said that because she has no current symptoms that we now have to just sit and wait to see if she worsens. Please pray that her symptoms do NOT worsen or appear at all and that any mild pneumonia disappears from her sweet lungs. THANK YOU!!!

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Chris said...

Praying for Ansley's pneumonia to disappear.

Chris Yerger