Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Day of Trouble

"May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble...May He grant you your heart's desire, and fulfill all your counsel. We will sing for joy over your victory, and in the name of our God we will set up banners. May the Lord fulfill all your petitions...May the King answer us in the day we call." (Ps. 20)

Today is the day of trouble. Me and Jordan are desperate. The last few weeks have been the hardest season of Ansley's life. She is still having a lot of difficulty eating, starting screaming while she is sleeping (and showing other signs of aspiration), and she has begun doing some new things that are really concerning: She has started developing a --I don't know what to call it, a "twitch" sounds too little, but it is not a seizure--. She is shaking her head back and forth, squinting her eyes really tight, and shaking her arms (like a big cold chill). There is no other way to describe it, other than saying that watching her do that is terrifying to us. For the last few days, it seems like Ansley is going backwards. She is has seemed distant in her interactions with us, then the twitching started. It is breaking our hearts. We need prayer now more than ever. We still trust ever so deeply in the Lord, but we feel so broken, empty, and lonely. It has been a really hard month that has really kind of collapsed on us the last few days. We have hit a place where we both feel like continuing on is impossible (we know this isn't true, but it is how we feel). It is hard to put this message out for all to see, but we really have nothing to hide. We need you to join with us in crying out in the day of trouble. I pray so passionately that God will answer and we can hang banners and sing songs of victory over our daughter, but right now we are in the midst of battle. Pray that we will have a renewed strength and the today is the day of the Lord's deliverance from Ansley's recent troubles. Thanks.


eakuban said...

Oh Rob and Jordan,
I can not imagine how this is feeling to you. Please know that we are praying, and will do so more, may the Lord wrap you and your family in his arms and hold you so tight that you know it is only from Him. May you be filled with peace that passes all understanding. I'm so sorry - we love you!

Sacrifices of Joy said...

Crying with you now, pleading to God for a miracle for your and HIS baby girl! Praying for God to fill you with strength from His presence, His word and His people and for Him to train you for the battle. Praying for renewed hope and joy in the midst of the battle and for immediate healing! Claiming victory!

When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and rescues them from all their troubles. (Psalm 34:17)

Hamilton said...

Jordan & Rob, we are praying with all our friends out here in Arizona. Our friends have Ansley added too prayer lists all over the whole world. Strength be with you both, the prayers I hope help.

Psalm 23:18 There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.

Aunt Mary & Uncle Junior

Kelsey said...

Crying out with you and for you.

David and Kelsey

The McBrides said...

You both know that we are crying out on your behalf. I cant imagine... but I KNOW that God will renew your strength and He WILL receive glory for what He IS doing in her life, and yours. Crying with you in your pain. Trusting with you in our Sovereign Lord!

Dorothy said...

Isaiah 55:11 KJV

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please , and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

Stay on the Word, look to the Word.

Sarah said...

Praying for you guys, so sorry to hear this news. Know God is with you through this all.

Chrissy Mann said...

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