Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Do not be afraid any longer..."

The other day, I had a light bulb moment. Where God just flips the switch and opens your eyes. The verse that has been the "anthem" of Ansley's life for us has been Luke 8:50: "Do not be afraid any longer; only believe, and she shall be made well." This verse has carried us through so much. But God showed me something I was missing in it. Our focus has always been on "only believe, and she shall be made well." We have spent all of our time focusing on believing and faith, and have neglected the first part of Jesus' command: "Do not be afraid any longer." The Lord showed me that so much of our emotional struggle is a fear of the future: a fear Ansley will have to get a feeding tube, a fear Ansley will not have the cognitive ability to do this or that, a fear Ansley will not run, jump, skip, and play, and on and on. So much of our difficultly, which we masked as "genuine concern of loving parents who want the best life for our daughter", was actually fear. So we ask you to pray not only for our faith and belief to grow, but also pray for our fear to lessen.

UPDATE ON ANSWERED PRAYER: Ansley has begun to take huge steps in eating solids! (Still has a ways to go, so keep praying, but we can see huge improvements), She has begun eating more and more and has not (as far as we can tell) had any significant issues with fluid in her lungs! Keep praying for her feeding, her physical and cognitive development, and our protection. We can see God moving in so many ways in her life, and we need you all to keep praying!


eakuban said...

how wonderful! Praying with you and Rob for your sweet girl! ANd sharing your story and requests with others!

Sarah said...

awesome! fear takes us all, will pray for it to be taken away. I am glad to hear she is eating better.