Monday, January 4, 2010

Prayer Request

Hey, just a short request from me. Ansley has been a little sick for about a week--Your basic January runny nose, ornery, and a little congested. Anyway, she has been eating poorly for several days now, and our pediatrician stressed increasing her intake at our last appt. It is difficult because we still are not cleared to give her solid food yet (last time we tried to introduce them it gave her aspirating pneumonia.) We have tried to give her a bottle but she is absolutely refusing. Her teeth are making nursing difficult (do husbands have permission to say stuff about nursing?!? I don't know?) Anyway, we are stuck in a hard place: She can't start on solids yet, she completely refuses a bottle, and nursing is becoming less and less of an option. Pray that God would open up one of these avenues to get her the proper nutrition. Thanks.


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Sarah said...

This so may not work, but at work we use a feeding tube with a syringe on the end of it and place it on the breast at the tip of nipples and then once the baby latches push formula/breast milk in. It tends to work for those who won't take a bottle and/or mom's not having milk supply. So I am not sure with her being older if she would take to that since she is so used to breast feeding. The tube we use is very small so she may not notice....might just run it by the docs. Hope and pray you find some type of resolution though.