Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prayer Requests

Psalm 13:6 "I will sing to the Lord for He has been good to me."
It is such a joy to look back over the journey we have been on and the incredible news that Monday brought. We praise God and give Him all the glory. But, the journey is nowhere near complete. We must keep doing what we are doing- calling the saints to join together to pray for our daughter. Here is how you can pray for her now:

1. She is sick. (I got it too!) Fever, runny nose, congestion- your normal run of the mill cold. Pray she will get better quickly. (more to come on this)

2. She is having a lot of trouble eating still. This was getting better this past weekend, but then she got sick. We are trying not to force feed her when she is sick....but, she meets with a nutritionist Monday, and our peditrician in a week and a half. If she doesn't start putting on weight we will have to get a feeding tube. So pray that her sickness subsides, her appetite increases, and she will be able to eat well and not aspirate (swallowing and getting liquid into your lungs- this has been an issue in the past).

3. Her ankles and arms are very stiff. We went through this with her legs a few months ago. We have to stretch and massage them. Pray God would loosen her muscles and joints to move freely and build strength.

4. Pray for her to begin to meet the next round of developmental milestones.

It is always important to give God the credit for Answered Prayer:

1. The twitching has lessened with every day!

2. As we have tried to feed Ansley more and more, we have not had to go to Children's for x-rays and tests for aspiration and pneumonia!

3. Ansley's ankles are looser than they were a week ago.

KEEP ON PRAYING. GOD IS MOVING. There are so many of you praying, and God is responding.

Finally, we don't want to be selfish with all this prayer time! Please email us if there is anything we could pray for for your children. If anything, we have learned the value of God's people uniting in prayer. Please let us know if we can pray for your children.

It has been awhile since we've posted any pictures, so here are a few recent shots.

Zachary still seems to find playing with the toys in the store incredibly fun while not neccessarily noticing the 'leaving empty handed' part, so while on a recent Babies R Us run, I found them running 'lightening fast' down the aisles.

Here is another reminder of the sweet angel you have been praying for..

Monday evening, Dan and Jan (Rob's parents) treated us to dinner to celebrate God's goodness. His brother, Kevin, joined us as well. We ordered champagne (which planted questions in our waitresses mind on a Monday at 5:00 p.m.) and Jan brought me sparkling cider

Big girl sitting in a high chair for the first time

We gave her the pacifier to try to take a little snooze with Grandma, but she would have none of that idea. They look good in their matching purple shirts. I'm on a purple thing right now..

Toasting (don't worry, it's apple cider!) to a day we will remember and look back on the rest of our lives as a day that the Lord showed Himself to be strong, mighty to save and limitless. Praise Jesus for the good gifts of this day!!!!

Our waitress asked us what we were celebrating and I told her we were celebrating God doing the impossible . (This definately received quite the blank stare of... "Huh?") She came back with the champagne and told us she now had to know what happened so I very briefly told her seven months ago up until the events of Monday and on the back of the receipt, she left us a sweet note that will be going in our memory box as an awesome keepsake to remember that day!

Zachary serves as quite the distraction for Ansley Kate while she is eating. Sometimes this is good .. and sometimes not so much. I took a few of them today laughing together. He is so in love with her. He often greets her when she wakes up or comes into the room with, "Oh, hey precious wittle gwurl." Seriously, adorable.

Zachary loves to put his hair in Ansley's face and she thinks its absolutely hysterical.

Just lovin on each other!

Sweet Laughter

Angel Girl

This is Zachary fixing his truck engine with a reciprocating saw and all the neccessary tools for such adventures..

John 14:27 "Peace I give you; my peace I leave with you... The perfect verse to describe our hearts since Monday... peace. From complete despair.. to complete peace. Through the grace of Jesus Christ. We're so thankful to belong to the God of hope.


eakuban said...

oh what ADORABLE pictures!! Will be praying that both you and AK will get better quickly and that AK will start eating well again!

Sacrifices of Joy said...

Loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing them and allowing us to join with you in prayer and watch God work miracles on your behalf! We are still praying and if I forget to pray aloud for her with my boys, my 5 year reminds me "remember to pray for the baby girl who is learning to eat!" You are blessing us!