Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time To Get Moving!

It has been a little while since we have posted (which will make sense in just a moment.) I hope all of you all are doing well and again would like to thank you for remembering our daughter in prayer.

What has been going on with us the last few weeks is easiest to explain using a metaphor. In regards to our daughter, the whole month of January (and especially the last week of Jan.) was the deepest darkest, most difficult, most desperate valley of her life. Then, on Feb. 1st after meeting with our neurologist, we were on top of a mountain! God's power, grace, and compassion were displayed in ways that even leave us a little speechless that day. Everything was great and Ansley started doing remarkable things left and right. The past few weeks--to continue the metaphor--have been spent "taking in the view". If you could imagine a long hike with an overlook somewhere along the trail and you stop for a breather, some water, and a few moments to enjoy the view. This is where we have been for the past couple weeks: Resting in the Lord, His wonderous works, His glory, His peace, His comfort, His fame, and His holiness. It has been a wonderful time. We are committed to taking moments like these when needed and not making Ansley's life a non-stop trudge up a difficult trail. We know we need to take moments to sit back, all development and dreams aside, and simply enjoy our daughter. We have been doing that in the month of February.

Then, as with any stop along the trail you stretch, stand up, take a deep breath and say: "Time to get moving." Both Jordan and I, separately in our prayer times, felt the Lord calling us to "get back in the race" if you will.. and persist boldly in prayer for the "life abundant" He has promised (John 10:10). We want to let you know how you can specifically pray for Ansley.

1. She is sick (again, I know!) A cold: runny nose, cough, loss of appetite, and grumpy! Pray she would recover quickly.

2. Her legs, arms, and ankles have stiffened up more recently. Pray God will loosen her muscles and joints to move freely as He has so faithfully in the past.

3. She is showing a lot of signs of wanting to move, but she lacks the arm strength and coordination to get that going. Pray God would give her both to enable her to start "army crawling".

4. Her babbling is ongoing, but lacks a lot of variety in sound. She kind of squeals (a lot!) and says "eeeeyyyyeeeaaaa" Things like that. Pray for her language development and that God would grant her the precious gift of speaking in her life.

5. Pray she would reach for us. I can't tell you how much it would melt our hearts to have our baby girl reaching up for momma and daddy. (This is cognitive development. A huge praise is that Ansley is interacting a ton with her mirror image and has gained more words in word recognition.. a HUUUUUGE praise!!)

6. Pray her brain and body would grow. She grew 3/4" in length at our last weigh in! which was great, but her weight and head size did not show nearly as good growth.

7. Lastly, we always said in the fall, "How awesome would it be if our neurologist walked in on her appointment in February and she was sitting up all by herself." And you know what? That is exactly what happened! So, we pray that when Doc walks in the door at her appointment in July, we pray she will be walking. I know that might sound crazy, but then again our neurologist would have told us we were crazy to think she would be sitting up all by herself as soon as February! God is not bound. God is not limited. God is not tamed. Pray He would show Christ's power through our daughter.

And, of course, by popular are some recent pictures:

Zachary can make Ansley laugh like no one else. He was jumping silly in the hallway and she was laughing at him. I love this picture.

I just find this picture to be humorous. It looks like Zachary is giving Ansley CPR. Regardless, she seems to find it entertaining : )

Zachary doing a little scissor practicing. My heart and circle were a little ambitious! He loves to use his scissors and it such a delight cleaning up all the tiny little pieces of paper. We need a dustbuster!

Zachary was working hard to show Ansley how to crawl. This may be a little advanced for now : )

My mother in law, Jan, asked for me recent, vertical pictures of the kids and I realized I didnt have any past Novemeber so we did an impromptu photo shoot.

Our handsome little man

Sweet Ansley Kate

With the teaser of warm weather we had last week, it was nice to get outside and do one of Zachary's favorite things. He calls this his "motorcycle" truck. One of his favorite little buddies is the precious 5 year old girl across the street. She always tries to tell him it's a bike, but he says, "No, it's my motorcycle truck."

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