Friday, March 5, 2010

"Sing to the Lord a New Song"

O sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done wonderful things, His right hand and His holy arm have gained the victory for Him." (Psalm 98:1)

It is with great joy we get to share some of Ansley's latest accomplishments. God has been victorious through and through in our daughter's life, and this week He has proven himself again! We have a lot to share with you. We are excited to serve a God of hope, victory, rejoicing, wonderful capabilities, and a heart to show grace and compassion to His people.


1. Ansley has begun REACHING for Jordan! This is huge (and definitely makes momma happy!) We have been praying for this for a while, and it has finally come.

2. A continuation of above, for the last two days Ansley has begun something new. Several times when Jordan hands her off to me, she looks back at Jordan and starts crying for Jordan to take her back. Now, all Dads have experienced this at some point with their little ones--no one else is momma but momma. Often, this can be hard for a Dad to swallow but with Ansley it is different. This is a great cognitive sign: she wants Jordan to hold her, knows Jordan let go, and is communicating to Jordan to pick her back up. This is great! I can look past the "cold shoulder" in praise of the cognitive growth it shows--that is, at least for a little while ;)

3. Ansley FED HERSELF! We are still in awe of this. We gave her some "puffs" the other day (for those of you without little ones, these are basically little kid cheerios that have nutritional stuff added...and cost 3 times as to love progress!) Anyway, we gave it a shot wondering if she would have any issue and she fed herself 3 of them the first time! We were just trying to introduce them, see if she would choke, etc. and she (after she realized they were food) picked them up (good dexterity) brought them to her mouth (coordination) and swallowed them (cognitive). This is a HUGE milestone.

4. Her vocalizing has gotten much more diverse and mature. She is making new sounds each day.

5. She is holding herself up on her arms much better and is moving ever closer to starting to "army crawl". Each day she gets closer. Could be anytime now!


1. She is still eating like a stinker! She was sick and though she has recovered from it, she is still eating like she is sick. This past week we have only been able to get about half of what we should in her. Pray God would "Give her this day her daily bread".

2. She has been waking up the last three nights screaming for an hour here an hour there... (Don't you all want kids, you young married couples?!?) We don't know if she is cutting a tooth or if there is any connection to her realizing she can cry for us to come pick her up. We are trying to survive this recent madness. Pray she would sleep "like a baby" (wherever the heck that expression came from!).

3. "Army crawling". Pray she would begin to learn how to move her body and gain the ever so sweet gift of mobility.

She has been using her pointer finger a lot in the past month, which is an awesome development of fine motor skills. She examines the puffs carefully before taking a bite : )

Such a proud girl!!!! (and momma!!!!)

This could be a recipe for disaster, but he loves taking part in helping her to things and was pleading to let him feed her one. I made sure he knew he could only feed her if me or Daddy says its ok. We'll just say a prayer on that one : )

One of our favorite things to do is play in mine and Rob's bed. All Zachary does is basically roll around and smother Ansley while I repeatedly tell him to be gentle... but he laughs hysterically the entire time and Ansley usually does the same.

Zachary and Ansley are starting to look so much alike. Ansley can make certain faces that look just like Zachary when he was a baby.

They truly did have "love at first sight". Zachary is completely smitten with his baby sister. He takes care of her so well. He is always so helpful and sweet during her therapies. When he isn't yanking on her arm or yelling in her face that is.... haha!

A rare moment still enough for sitting in brother's lap

Within a second, things go from sweet sibling bliss to Ansley face changing to "save me!"

I would love for Ansley's neurologist to see her right now. He was in complete shock at the beginning of February. To see her doing everything she is doing right now.. he would be speechless. God is moving..


Anonymous said...

What joy these pictures have brought to my heart! I am in awe of the love God has given Zachary for his little sister! How amazing. Just wanted you to know that every time I put my little one in her high chair to eat we pray that Ansley would "be a great eater today!" Waiting with great expectations of what God will do next...

Sarah said...

So glad to hear the progress God has done, hope to see more! Will be praying