Monday, March 8, 2010


Today, we find ourselves speechless. It is literally unbelievable, though absolutely believable, what God has done in Ansley in the past week. We have said over and over from the beginning... God is making it undeniable and completely obvious that there is NO OTHER explanation for what is happening in Ansley's life other than His hand. He is speaking her brain to life. Having a front row seat on days like today blow my mind. He is speaking her brain to life!!!!!!!!

Let me back up to recount the events of the past week. Rob shared in our last post about how she has begun reaching for us, feeding herself puffs and the attachment to me. Seeing God's mercy in the gifts of life He is giving to Ansley have been some of the sweetest moments of my life. The other night, I accidentally stumbled on something (while looking for something specific) and kinda saw it before I could not see it. I saw a little blip about a mom saying she had lost her daughter to microcephaly when she was nine years old. Her daughter had feeding troubles and just couldn't go on. I kept moving, but the seed had definately been planted by the enemy. She woke up (scream fest) shortly thereafter and I had such a precious moment with her. At that point, I didn't care about her sleep or mine, I just wanted to hold my precious, warm and breathing little Ansley's body and rock her, touch her and inhale her sweetness. So, I did. We sat together for probably half an hour, completely silent, just looking at each other. She touched my face, we smiled, gave sweet kisses and just loved. It was the best. When I layed her back in her crib...she reached up for me the first time! Phew.. talk about tears! I was already having such a sentimental moment with her just cherishing her life and then the Lord just called it to life at that moment. What a gift!

A few more things God has allowed is a little bit of army crawling. She has started digging her arms into the floor to move herself forward. She has always had to the desire to move, so shes working on it for sure! She is often starting to reach and lift her little bottom up off the ground trying to get things out of her reach.

(She isn't neccessarily doing it all the way in this picture, but I thought it was just so stinkin cute I am posting is anyway : ) )

She also has started moving her legs independently, which is great. When she is on her knees, she will pull one leg up in kind of a proposing stance. Thats so awesome!!!

We also found these great, all natural, dairy and soy free (!!!) cracker "things" to give her. She did great with them and loved it!

She used both hands, switched back and forth and really used her gums to chew. All things we would hope to see her do. Praise to God!

Ansley's development specialist comes on Mondays, so I was sooo excited to tell her everything that has happened just since we saw her last. I had to make a list so I wouldn't forget to tell her anything! She is always so amazed at Ansley and everything that has happened in her life, so I was really looking forward to her reaction. She will often make lofty goals and tell me not to expect too much, and then say things like, "Well, of course, it is Ansley we are talking about so.. you never know." Anyway, today as I shared with her the list, she stopped me before I even finished. She said that she had just made up a new goal sheet for Ansley. As I read all of Ansley's accomplishments in the past week, she informed me that I was checking off all of the new goals. Awesome! (Do you see God moving????) She got out a book that has everything from fine motor to cognitive development in birth to age three and Ansley is scoring right where she should in most areas and even advanced in others. She kept saying over and over how amazed she was that she is right on track. She said if she were to evaluate her right now, she would be age appropriate and even showing advanced development in certain areas. I had to contain myself from bursting into song and dance right there in the living room, I kid you not! I was so excited I just wanted to squeal! I had prayed the night before that the Lord would give me the boldness and courage to speak even more about His good works in Ansley, and He most definately did. I told her how the Lord had just been showing continued mercy to Ansley in her development and the answers to our prayers. She normally doesn't respond much when I say things like this, but today she did. She said, "Well, everything that happens with Ansley seems to just, BAM, happen." I then told her it's because God is making it obvious that He is calling her brain to life and speaking it to be. She normally just kind of moves on as though I didn't say anything, but today she said, "Well, obviously God has different plans in mind for little miss Ansley. She is a miracle baby. She is just a miracle baby." (Again having to restrain the song and dance. And by dance I mean jumping, flailing and bouncing around the room in hysterical joy.. just for clarification : ) ) Ansley's specialist has been doing this for sixteen years, so to hear her call Ansley a miracle baby was unbelievable. She is showing object permanence, word identification, fine motor and the list goes on. All great gifts from God choosing to extend His mercy to Ansley. I had to wait 20 minutes until Rob's planning period to tell him and we were both just speechless. God is moving in such a mighty way and it is absolutely amazing!

I had visions of our February 1st appointment (Our Ebenezer) with her neurologist and he said all three specific things that I had been praying and hoping to hear. We are praying that at her July appointment, he walks in the door to see Ansley standing next to us, with just a hand on our knee, bouncing and saying mama and dada.. only to have his jaw drop open and render him speechless. He was completely in awe at her last appointment, and this time, I pray he is completely speechless and says he is in disbelief.

I have never experienced God's power like this. I would have never hoped to have a child with a brain disorder, but God has called us to call upon His power for her and He is moving mountains. Its amazing. There truly are just no words. We sang a song at church on Sunday and the chorus went something like this..

"How glorious- My eyes have seen the glory of the Lord- How glorious - You rise above the rulers of the earth"

I immediately teared up thinking of the truth of this in our lives. I have seen His glory in His miraculous mercies to Ansley's life. He is showing His power above anything this earth has to say about her brain and its capabilites, and showing Himself to be stronger. I hope you all are shaking at the power of God as much as we are. He is showing His power to be limitless through our precious daughter. Thanks for joining with us in this incredible story.

Matthew 19:26 "..With God all things are possible.


Sarah said...

I am definitely shaking! I have chill bumps. I am so happy for you and Ansley! Thank you, God, is all I can say!

The McBrides said...

The Power of Christ unleashed through faith filled prayer! still praying with you! love to you all...

Alex said...

Ava was such a great sleeper from day 1. It was around the same time as Ansley's age now that she started waking up in the middle of the night. She would be awake from 1 - 2 hours. We never figured out what it was. She would do it 2-3 times a week. She did that for about 3 months. Still does it every once in a while but not as much. Hang in there. It will pass. :) I'm praising Jesus' name today for your victories. Rejoicing! Whitney Skaalerud