Monday, May 17, 2010


I got a glimpse of what Ansley's life would be like without the grace and mercy of Jesus. As I sat in the lobby waiting on Ansley's therapist to come get us, the mom sitting across from me asked me how old Ansley was. We got started in the typical mom to mom chat of..'How old is she..what's her name' etc etc. (It's kind of a standard question in this environment to inquire about your child's condition/what you are getting therapy for..whereas that would normally not be the most appropriate topic) I asked her what type of therapy they were there for.. which led to the diagnosis conversation. She mentioned a couple of conditions I had never heard of.. and then said microcephaly. I kind of perked up a little and said, "Oh, well my daughter has microcephaly as well." My first thought was noticing that oftentimes microcephaly is accompanied by other conditions, and Ansley doesn't have anything else. Across the room, a mother with an older daughter (Maybe around ten I would say) said, "Oh, my daughter has microcephaly, too." You have to know, this scenario was incredibly strange because microcephaly is so rare. (To the degree of Ansley's and the other children present.. 0.1% of the population. RARE) So, the other two mothers began talking and comparing their daughters. The mother of the six month old mentioned that she was still functioning as a newborn. She asked the mother of the older girl when her daughter first started trying to hold her head up and she answered,"Around ten months." I looked down at my ten month old Ansley and I was floored. She then proceeded to say that she rolled over soon thereafter for the first time, but didn't start crawling until shortly after she turned two. I could feel that familiar hot sting of tears I have come to know well. For the first time, I actually didn't want to be asked about Ansley. I hadn't quite prepared myself for this scenario. I knew Ansley's development would be hard to hear for the other mothers. Our therapist came out to get us about this time, and as soon as we made it through the double doors, I broke. The tears came. I know that God is shattering impossible in Ansley, I know that He is working miracles only His power is capable of.. but to see, with my eyes, where she would most likely be apart from these amazing mercies He is granting her.. phew, it did me in. When Rob and I talked about it later, we really couldn't find the right words to express the feelings. Guilt is too strong of a word, but there is a sadness for the other mothers, because we know that pain. It's a pain no parent wants to ever know, and it's pain you just can't fathom unless you are in those shoes. We were just humbled. Wanting to fall to our knees in thanks and praise. Apart from the power and precious mercy of Christ, she could be barely beginning to hold her head up, but instead..

Ansley is a perfectly healthy (now) eleven month old baby, whose physical therapist wants to discharge her from services soon because she does not need them. Beautiful Saviour!

And speaking of eleven months..that brings me to my next topic.

It's time to plan birthdays!!!!!! I can NOT believe that this child is about to FOUR YEARS OLD!

I feel like just yesterday, I had just become a Momma and loved the newness of snuggling my sweet boy.

Now, he hangs out in the garage doing 'manly' things like changing the oil.

Quote of the day from my almost four year old .."Oh, Momma, I got a bonk on my toe. Maybe I should get a piece of cake or something to make it feel better." Haha! Sorry, buddy.

June is birthday month for Zachary and Ansley and we are beyoooond excited to celebrate BIG! Zachary is super pumped about having a Mickey Mouse Birthday party and for Ansley.., well, we are doing something a bit different. We canNOT just have some typical cake and presents type of day to celebrate the day of Ansley's birth. This last year has been anything but typical. We haven't nailed down the details and still aren't exactly sure what it is going to look like, but we are basically going to have a 5-7 p.m. open house kind of thing on her birthday. We want it to be a day of praise, worship and celebration of what the Lord has done. It really just can't be any other way. It can't. Her life is about bringing glory to the name of Jesus, so her birthday celebration can't just be candles and cake. We basically just want to welcome all of the precious friends and family who have been a part of this journey with us to stop by and celebrate what the Lord has done. Your prayers and faithful support have been presents enough, so there is no need for that, we just truly desire to welcome all who have so faithfully prayed and believed for her, and supported us. There are some obvious privacy details ..we won't be posting our address on the blog or anything, but basically if you know us well enough to figure out how to get in touch with us, we would love to have you celebrate and worship with us. We aren't going to be standing around with hymnals or anything, but we are going to praise!!!! We could not be more excited!


We have figured out a fun new way for Zachary to get some hidden veggies.. popsicles! Oh, how the boy loves these homemade wonders.. and oh, how Momma loves whats in them! He isn't allowed to eat them anywhere but the kitchen, so he often pulls his chair right to the edge. Poor Ansley.. he taunts her with them saying, "Nope. Girl, popsicles are only for big girls and boys."

But, that doesn't mean a girl can't try..

"Oh, pleeeease Brother, just a taste?"

"No, but I love you!"

I LOVE the way he is looking at her. He is so in love with her!

1 Chronicles 16:9 "Sing to him; sing praises to him; tell of his wondrous works."