Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Girl!

One year ago today..

At 9:00 a.m. my doctor induced me..

Three hours and one broken tailbone later...

Our lives were forever changed..


I warned Rob last night that I would probably spend the entire day crying, but I only cried once! Why do I attempt to do things like make a toast to my girl on her special day and think I won't cry? I would never miss out on making that toast though ; )

Ansley's celebration was amazing. We had a lot of great family and friends join us to celebrate and it was such a special day. We spent so much time in those early weeks and months wondering what it would be like at Ansley's first birthday. Wondering where we would be.. where she would be. It is the undeniable power and mercy of our Lord that has given her the precious gifts of life that she has. So celebrate we did!!

We planned a (sparkling grape juice) toast to proclaim that where we are today is ONLY by God's grace and mercy. He has shown His healing power in our baby girl. And yes, this was said speech I mumbly cried my way through.

The festive stuff. Thank you again to Lee Wayne and Shirley for the BEAUTIFUL roses!

The front door with Isaiah 35 welcoming everyone

Opening Papa and Grandma's gift

Smiling up at Daddy while singing Happy Birthday!

Cake time!!

Cousins - Zachary and Tyson

The four us

We pray that this time next year, we will again be celebrating the limitless power of our God on Ansley's birthday. Next up.. Zachary's Mickey Mouse Birthday!

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eakuban said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! Sorry we couldn't make it. We'll be there tonight though.