Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sweet Summer

We have been looking forward to summer for months. Rob is off work and we just get to spend all of our time together doing fun things! We have been playing..


and napping. Oh.. lovely napping : )


We recently took a fun little trip to a special place for us and had a BLAST! This is where Rob and I met, went to school and lived when we first got married. Seriously, such a fun place with so much fun kiddo stuff!

They have the BEST kids museum. We literally spent the entire day there and it was so. much. fun!

I mean what kid doesn't love shooting water guns???

Ansley was enthralled with the little baby section. So much fun texture, color and climby stuff. The girl was in heaven : ) She has started sniffing when she sees flowers because she knows what they are. Amazing. Thank you, Jesus!

One cool little man. Haha!

Ansley Ansley everywhere!

Don't worry Mom, this is not nearly as much of a death hazard as it may seem.. haha! This is the awesomely (not a word, Im aware) amazing waterfront area. Zachary was all about the "waterfall stairs". Zachary loved it!

The one still moment of the trip.

Zachary thought out hotel room was pretty much equivalent to Disneyland apparently. We had so much fun in there! We may, or may not, have climbed up on the back of the chair, pretended to be trees, cut ourselves down with chain saws and yelled "TIMBEEEEEER" as we crashed onto the bed.
I wouldn't be able to confirm...

whether or not...

this actually happened.

Thank you Dan and Jan!
Ansley's Celebration is on Thursday from 5-7. We would love to see you there!

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Krista said... those hotel pictures I can SEE the joy that God has given your family in the midst of the trials you've faced over the last year. Wish we could be there to help you celebrate!