Thursday, July 8, 2010

How BIG is Our God??


This is a game we play with Ansley (started way back when Zachary was little). We ask "How big is Ansley?" and she holds her hands up high -- "So Big!" We thought it would be a cute title for today's post.

"The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it. Brethren, pray for us."
1 Thes. 5:24-25

Ansley's Neurology appointment went really well today. We walked out of his office with a feeling of peace and calm. It seems each trip to neuro has us walking out of his office with a completely different emotion! But anyway, here is how the day went.

1. Ansley took her first "step" this morning! It's hard to fully claim it, but this morning, after praying fervently that Ansley would take her first step before this appointment...she did!! Five minutes before walking out the door! She stepped forward one step towards Jordan while standing fully on her own. The only thing that makes it a little tricky is that Jordan's hands were touching Ansleys (not holding her up, just fingertips lightly touching.) So, a little iffy, but what the heck. We will count it! Praise the Lord.

2. The neurologist was so complimentary of Ansley's progress. He said she was doing "amazing" and continued to roll right along. He said he was very pleased with her progress and "couldn't have asked for her to be doing anything more than she is currently doing." We shared our faith and how we have called on the power of Jesus' name and found scriptures to pray over her. He responded, "Well, if it's the power of the Lord, her specialists, her own development, or a combination of all three, whatever it is...It's working!" We know who is pulling all the strings!

3. Another fear we had was the fact that Ansley is barely growing. She is barely taller and heavier than she was 6 months ago. He got a growth chart and plotted all the data he had on her growth and felt comfortable that she was progressing forward on a normal growth chart (albeit, her curve is significantly smaller than the average kid). Failure to thrive is not uncommon with microcephaly and our fear has been that her body is showing signs of it. But, he felt that right now he was not concerned with her growth at all! This was very comforting.

4. Secondly, we continue to pray against the possibility of Ansley having her first seizure. By God's grace she has not. We asked what caused them and he explained that there are approximately 40 billion neurological cells all functioning through electronic impulses and when something gets off track (somewhere in between cell #1 and cell #40,000,000,000!) a seizure can occur. How big is our God?! How amazing is it that as you sit and read this, you have 40 billion cells in your brain that maintain equilibrium and allow higher order thinking...and no seizures to boot? And we are all here because some dust particles collided billions of years ago? Because a cell emerged from spinning dust, turned into fish that crawled up on land, turned into a monkey and now here we are? Seriously? Some people think we are crazy for trusting in Christ's work on calvary and believing the Bible is God's word....but isn't the alternative option complete insanity? Sorry, for the tangent. Anyway, Ansley is prone to seizures because of the malformity in her brain. Statisically that means she will be much more prone to seizures. BUT, statisically, these times of seizures (rooted in brain malformity) tend to occur earlier in life. So, he told us that with each day we move forward and Ansley does not have a seizure, it decreases the likelihood she will ever have a seizure! Praise God! Pray that God will continue to balance and maintain equilibrium in her brain.

5. One cool thing our Dr. said was that: "If I handed Ansley off to another neurologist and told him or her to examine Ansley and did not pass over the CT Scans and the MRI results, they would be unable to find anything wrong with her aside from having an undersized head."

6. Perhaps some of the best news was hearing that social awareness is one of the biggest indicators of cognitive development at Ansley's age and she is right on! He was extremely pleased to see her social development thriving. He wanted to see her crawl across the room (on the nasty floor, oh my word) and said he was so happy to see her "age-appropriate and then some." Thank you, Jesus! He also mentioned that at her age the receptive language is much more important than the expressive language. Even though she is right on track with words (which is amazing and the power of the Lord touching her lips), the fact that she understands and responds to what we say to her is huge!!!!!

All in all, we have a very peaceful and hopeful feeling for her future. Praise God. Hooray!

"Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away." (Is. 35:10)

Ansley's latest pleasure is clapping and she LOVES to clap after every bite!


1. Ansley has been in a feeding rut and continues to struggle feeding herself. Pray God would breakJustify Fullthrough this wall and increase her appetite and her desire to self-feed.

2. FIRST STEPS! Ansley is sooooooo close to walking. Pray God would give her steps.

3. Language. Ansley has about 5 words right now. Our neurologist said the biggest thing we are looking for in the next 6 months is a language "explosion". She will go from having 6, 7, 9 words to 50. If you have had kids you know what I mean. Pray that Ansley will break through that barrier. "Then the Lord reached out His hand and touched my mouth and said to me, 'Now, I have put My words in your mouth." (Jer. 1:9)


eakuban said...

what wonderful news! Praise God!

Mike and Jen Torregiano said...

It's so amazing to hear of God's work in your life. I will be praying for her and your family!

Whitney Skaalerud said...

Amazing! Praise!