Thursday, July 1, 2010

ONE WEEK!!! Mountains are moving..

Warning: This post is long and has a lot of pictures, so you might need to grab a snack or caffeinated beverage to make it through.

The last Habitat work day for the house in honor of Dan was this past Saturday. Zachary wanted to make sure he had all of his work gear on so he could help put the finishing touches on everything. I didn't tell him he's only allowed there at lunchtime when all of the tools are turned off : ) He told me to call him 'Builder Zachary'.

It gives you insight into the kind of man Rob's dad, Dan, is when after having so many people ask him what they could do to help.. he wanted everyone to help someone else.. in his honor. This house was intended to built as a memorial to Dan, but he was here to see it built and personally dedicate it to the glory of the Lord!

Zachary's birthday was on the 29th, so here are some pictures from his party and the big day!

Daddy taught Zachary how to sneak some icing off the back of the cake when no one was looking.

He was a fan of the idea..

The boy was seriously so excited about the presents. What four year old isn't??


Our Minnie slept through the party and only made her appearance after everyone left.

One of Ansley's birthday gifts was this little cow that plays music and such when you squeeze it's belly. She is obsessed with it and her "baby". I kid you not.. she drags them around with her all day long.

Birthday Morning - His new bike!!!

Tearin up the cul-de-sac!

We went to Dan & Jan's to share Zachary's birthday with them and had a great time. Ansley had the most beautiful laughing fit while sitting in the high chair. All I was doing was breathing loud. It was amazing music. We have always said she has the joy of the Lord exploding out of her and you can see it here. I'll try to upload the video later. Last time I tried to do that, it took seven hours and still didn't work, so we'll save it for another time!

Documentary of a Birthday Smore:
First, you lay out your crackers..

Then, you pile on the chooocolate..

You MUST first taste the marshmallows to ensure their quality is just right..

Then make a big ole' pile on top..

Heat - then cheers...AND..


Uncle Kevin & Z-man

Zachary will now demonstrate how to immensely enjoy your smore..

It might just make you feel like a kid again...

Ansley has a new scrunchy face that she loves to make all the time. (Notice the cow)

She's got the joy, joy, joy, joy..

down in her heart..


Little Miss has been standing up from the floor without holding onto anything!!!!!! She did it for the first time a few days ago, and thankfully Rob and I were both sitting there to see it. She did it again this morning and was SO proud of herself! Mommy and Daddy clapped for her forever. The Lord is moving in her everyday. Her feet are finding themselves flat and strong so much more often. They are on the floor and we are rarely seeing her going up on her toes like she used to. She is getting more and more solid by the day.

Isaiah 35: 3,6, 10
"..steady the knees that give way..Then will the lame leap forward like a deer..water will gush forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert.. gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away."

We can see God moving so clearly in her to make her feet and ankles strong in the mighty name of Jesus!!! Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!!! ONE WEEK FROM TODAY we meet with her neurologist!
It has been SO exciting since we made the post for everyone to specifically pray for our sweet little girl to take her first steps. For a few weeks prior it seemed she was making no significant progress towards walking...BUT since we made the post to pray for her to walk.. in the past week and half she is taking HUGE "strides" each day.
1. She started crusing down the couch and coffee table.
2. Then, she started letting go to stand on her own.
3. Then, she started standing up on her own without pulling up on anything.
4. Then, she started letting us walk her, by holding onto her hands (previously, she would just sink to the floor whenever we tried it.)
5. All the while, the stability of her feet and ankles is becoming more consistent.

I'll leave you with the activity of the day. Ansley kept putting her stacking block in her mouth and shaking all around, dancing and crawling. So, Zachary immitated her and they were crawling and dancing all over the room like this. It was so cute.


Mandy Morton said...

I just wanted to say that I looked at these pictures and your words and I cried all over myself! It brought me to my core! Thank you for sharing your hardships and blessings! Its amazing!

The McBrides said...

So much to say...
1. PRAISE GOD for your father, Dan, and his amazing legacy. I LOVE that he could see the finished house and the difference LOVE makes in a group of people. Always other's focused. What a blessing.

2. Darn cute kids!

3. We are praying Hab. 3:19 for Ansley. Hinds feet on High places!!!

love you guys!