Sunday, August 8, 2010

All in a Day

A little game of 4-wheeler. One of Zachary's favorites! Usually Rob and I are the 4-wheelers, but Ansley loves when she gets a turn on Brother!
Lots of giggles... music, music, music!

Zachary and Ansley are so playful together and have the sweetest relationship. He does this squeeze thing to her face all the live long day. She -as you can see- loves it..

Hysterical laughter fills the room with these two. My rascals. Oh, love them.

Ok, girlfriend is OBSESSED with this spatula. She loops her thumb through the hole and it is like an accessory.

They have started "wrestling" with each other. There are often a lot of "gentle" promptings towards the little man, but he usually does ok.. and again with the laughter. Bliss.

Zachary often entices Ansley to join him in wrestling by putting things in his mouth and taunting her with them. Never fails.

Note.. the spatula.

Oh.. and their new favorite game. A back and forth of the highest pitch squeals their little vocal chords are capable of. It actually (as long as we are at home) is quite funny. It's social for my girl.. love it.

Girlfriend's favorite hang out spot. The books!
We love us some storytime I tell you.

I have no recollection of what was happening in this picture, but I thought it was funny so here ya go. He is never short on drama.

Crayola Adventures: Take One
"Hmm.. tap, tap, bang, BANG!"

"I've got a better idea for this Momma.."

"Yep, it's much better to chew on than to draw with."

And.. cue bliss.

The boy and his guitar

This is how Little Miss greets me everytime she wakes up. Standing up on the bumper and as close to the door as she can get just waiting.. waiting for someone to come in!

Post naptime serenade. Love.

And.. a duet. Note the clean laundry pile that has been there several days.
Okay... a week.

Love this.. she doesn't know an attack is a mere moment away!

"I'll get you back, Brother!"

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I do not know you but stumbled across this blog from Lettie's! You are an inspiration to me!! Your knowledge of the word and your faith in our Lord is amazing! I just wanted to let you know that these pictures were hysterical! Had so much fun looking and reading! Thank you for sharing! (Love the Spatula!)