Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Songs of JOY!

I know, I know... I've been a terrible blogger lately. I'll make up for lost time in this incredibly long, picture heavy post! We're gonna keep it lighthearted here on this one people (I know, don't choke). Just picture stories of what we've been up to lately.

So... random thing you should know about me is that I MUST have LIGHT. I like all windows open with light streaming in during the day and lights ON at night. I'm sure my dad is shaking his head right now as I called their house a dungeon the other night when I went over there because it was so dark. Well, the reason you need to know this random fact is so you can appreciate more fully the mommy patience it takes to enduuuuuuure Zachary's latest love. Closing the blinds in the middle of the day (groooooan) so that he can light the way with his flashlight since he is a fireman. If you don't get that, you're not alone. I baked by the light of the stove during Ansley's nap. Mommy points. Haha!

What has Little Miss been up to lately, you ask? Oh, well let me just tell you. Little Miss has developed herself a little um... shall we say, spunk? Her 'spunk' is known to strike at any moment the wind shifts in the slightest direction she does not care for. Case in point - the duration of a minute:



Don't worry... I put the camera down and much loving ensued...
We won't refer to them as fits. We will call them her "fiesty flare-ups."
But Little Miss has been up to a little (lot) of this...

Her most favorite new love is SHOES. A game she plays is walking over to our extremely organized pile of shoes that we leave by the garage doors and bringing the appropriate shoes to their owner. Hello cognitive!!! And she does this all day long. I probably put my shoes on 37 times a day. She is in love with all shoes of all kinds and wants to wear them all day.
Exhibit A:
Here she comes saying, "Momma, Momma..."

"Seriously Mom, put down the camera and help me."

Are Zachary and Ansley still as in love as ever you ask?
Yea huh.

Well, what else does Zachary like besides being a fireman?
Wrestling... always lots of wrestling.

And apparently now smiling for cameras instead of running from them!

He also loves pulling Ansley around in this mini wagon, though I've yet to get a picture of that actually taking place : )

There might also be some "heated sibling interactions" over this grocery cart.

And just for good measure... overalls cuteness!

And just in case you were wondering if Ansley is still obsessed with her spatula?

That would be a YES!

I'll be a better blogger now!


Anonymous said...

Jordan, I was at Mom2Mom today, what a powerful testimony you have on the power of God and what FAITH can do...I know that the Lord is using your family to show his awesome glory--to all that you encounter, including the therapist...

You had many verses that came to life, I wonder if you might be willing to send them to me, and better yet...is the video that you showed available on Youtube? I would love to share it, I am a Titus Mom and several of the moms were unable to make the meeting with sick children--etc, I would love to show them this video...You are strong and inspirational. I pray for Ansley's continued blessings from our amazingly loving Lord and Savior! Rose

Rose M Edwards said...

Not sure why I became anonymous!

Rose Edwards
rosewedwards@aol.com :)