Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Come and See!!

Psalm 66:5
"Come and SEE what God has done,
how awesome his works in man's behalf!"

We have prayed so often in our pleading for Ansley's deliverance and healing that Rob and I would have the opportunity to spend our lives sharing Ansley's story. Pleading that if the Lord gave her this merciful healing through the great display of his power, that we would forever be bondslaves (in a good way!) to being obedient with our lips and telling of his marvelous work in her. Well, today I got that chance! My sister in law, Holly, is the leader of a moms group at a nearby church. Their theme for the year is "Testify" and Holly asked me to come testify about God's power and share our story. I was so excited at getting the chance to share what the Lord has done in Ansley's life, but also nervous out of my mind trying to prepare! I don't know of too many of us who are all that comfortable with public speaking! But, I felt confident in knowing the Lord would accomplish His purposes in bringing Himself glory and praise through His glory in Ansley's story. They had a morning and an evening session, so it was double duty. One beautifully surprising thing was how much calmness the Lord just washed over me. I was literally going nuts the entire week before in nervousness, but that morning I was just excited to share and really wasn't nervous at all! Another HUGE shocker was that I not shed a single tear. Im typically a sobby, weeping mess when I share our journey and aside from getting shaky voiced a few times, I had dry eyes! So so thankful for today!

"Our God is a God who saves..." Psalm 67:20

Random story for this next picture... For those of you who don't know, when Ansley was about a month old, Rob sliced the tip of his thumb about 95% of the way off with a tablesaw. I ran to get our neighbor to stay with the kids while Rob shoved his hand in a bucket of ice. We live relatively close to an ER and had a humorous moment while flooring it, flashers a-blazing down the road. We turned onto the main road and as I was going about 70 m.p.h. a motorcycle passed us! I looked at Rob, who was as calm as a cucumber because it seems to be physically impossible for him to fret, and said, "Hm, well maybe he cut off his thumb, too." We laughed. Then he said he was getting lightheaded, so I focused back on the task at hand. No pun intended : ) Anyway, it was rough little ER visit (obviously more so for Rob than me who had to get multiple shots inside the openness of his thumb). When we got home later that night, I made sure Rob was comfortable in bed with all of his fashioned pillow elevation devices around him (the dr. said it HAD to stay elevated while he slept) and went downstairs to the 4 week old sleeping in the pac n play.
I remember being so incredibly shaken and feeling terrified to go to sleep. What if Rob called for me and I couldn't hear him? What if something happened to Ansley? I grabbed my Bible and opened it and had one of those moments where you are just so overwhelmed with how ALIVE God's word truly is to us. My eyes immediately saw Psalm 4:8 that says, "I will lie down and sleep in peace; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." Great moment. It became a verse I pray over my babes everynight at bedtime and when those pesky nighttime battles (nightmares, fussing etc) come. So, all of that to say... I love this shirt. And the girl wearing it. Not in that order.

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