Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We had a great time camping out with Jan, two of Rob's brothers, Kevin and Scott and Scott's wife Dre. It was such a peaceful and enjoyable time. It almost felt sort of like a vacation for a few days! We had lunch with Rob's family and went to dinner with mine, so we were stuffed by the end of the day! And unfortunately, I took ONE picture : ( I was cooking all day though, so I have an excuse, right?

We started a fun family tradition last year going to a local set up of Christmas trees, fun Christmas crafts and lots of fun decorations! One of Ansley's therapists gave us several free tickets, so that was great. Thanks, Mrs. M!

Daddy with his girl in her Christmas dress

Zachary insisted we beeline for the cookie decorating station, so away we went

Zachary actually wanted to ride on the bench on the carousel! Oh, that boy!

Getting the two of them to look AT the camera while making sure Zachary doesn't give Ansley too tight of a choke hold AND smile.. phew!


We got our tree on Sunday afternoon. Zachary was beside himself in excitement to get everything set up. He informed me and Ansley that only firemen could get the tree out of Daddy's truck to bring it inside. Us girls waited inside the warm house : ) One of us more willing to oblige brother's request than the other!

Our firemen getting the tree all set up in it's stand.

(Christmas tree smell- Oh, how I LOVE you!)

Girlfriend having some fun pretend play (goal) and looking A LOT like brother! Rob, Zachary and Ansley are three little look-a-likes. I often joke with Rob that maybe our adopted children will look like me! Haha! And yes, we are adopting!!!!! I could burst! That's a WHOLE other post- long story, lots of our hearts. Coming soon!

Playing a little chase.


Oh my love. I have spent ages trying to find sweet, itty bitty little clips for my sweet's hair. She yanks those slipperly little bows right out. I finally found some at Kroger of all places!

"She's got the joy..."

Ansley, where is your ear?

Where is your hair?

Where is your heart?

Where is your tongue?

And my personal fav... Where is your nose?
And don't think she won't do this to you if you ask her where your nose is!!!


Sarah said...

Love this post! Christmas decorating and traditions are always fun, and can't wait to hear the adopting story...I wanted to tell you too that we are going to name our baby girl Ansley! We both would see it or hear it somewhere and liked it. ANd your Ansley is the only little one we know. So I hope you don't mind and can't wait to see if our Ansley is as adorable as yours!

Elizabeth said...

So fun!! Miss y'all! Hopefully we'll see y'all before Christmas.

Lynn Greer said...

Love your pictures and am so glad the kids are doing so well. Claire's in Turkey Creek has wonderful hair accesories for little girls. We are keeping you guys in our prayers. Merry Christmas!!!