Monday, April 18, 2011


On St. Patick's Day, Rob went camping with a friend, so the kids and I decided to have a sleepover at Grammy and Pappy's.

Dont be fooled by pastel birds and ruffles, girlfriend is a biker chick.

Catching up on texts..

Brother doesn't mind a little pink purse goodness in his life...
Grammy helped Zachary turn juice into St. Patrick's Day juice with the help of green food coloring.

Pappy taught Zachary how to play badminton (and yes, that is how you spell it).

Lookin' for deer tracks...

Rob always messes with me because I love pictures of him and the kids walking from behind, but whatevs... I love this picture.

Playing on Pappy's "Bridge to Nowhere". Back and forth

and back and forth I'm telling you!

So, the Bubbs is utterly obsessed with Grammy's ipad....

By the way, is is weird that my four year old knows how to play angry birds and I don't??

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