Friday, May 27, 2011

Acting Foolish?

We are overwhelmed by His graciousness, by the mercy of his hand lifted, by his POWER poured out, by his answers of YES to our pleas...

I haven't posted in ages, because everytime I sit to write I cannot find the words. I sat down just last night and just deleted all of it. It just can't adequately express the cry of our hearts.

There has been a lot of criticism and opposition in the past two years, but I have to be honest... our care and concern with it becomes less and less. Does it affect us? Yes, we are human afterall. But, we do not stand accountable to anyone's opinion of whether or not we are taking God's word out of context, misusing it to get what we want or just being unrealistic. We stand accountable to our King who has called us to "not fear, only BELIEVE." From minute one we have praised our LORD who has given and taken away. We surrender to his sovereignty always, but I believe God desires his people to live in a way that portrays belief that His WORD IS TRUE and that He is as big and powerful as he says he is. I believe he desires us to risk everything for the sake of the glory of the name of Jesus Christ. I don't believe he desires us to pray in a way that protects ourselves from looking wrong if he doesn't answer the way we want or in the way we think he operates. I believe he desires us to take him at his word and live and pray accordingly. For HIS purposes and for HIS glory. Sometimes that is miserably difficult, but we are called to REJOICE in him and that doesn't always equal happiness.

I remember talking to Dan early on about some fears I had with starting a public blog. The main one being fearing people would just think we were being foolish to believe in the way we felt the Lord leading us to (and that has certainly happened!). He gave me a verse that continues to encourage us in 1 Corinthians about being "fools for Christ's sake." He encouraged us that when the opposition comes, and assured it would, that God gave Rob and I, as Ansley's parents, the faith in Christ to carry out the call he placed on our hearts. He encouraged us to block out anyone else's opinion that contradicted God's word. It has certainly been hard, as it is meant to be, but the mercy with which He has chosen to answer our specific prayers and display his strength and power in Ansley... worth it all a million times over. Worth the eye rolling, worth the blank stares, worth the annoyance, worth the ridicule. "FOOLISH" behavior the sake of GLORY. WORTH IT.

Meanwhile, SUMMER has just begun, and its gonna be a good one!

I said smile regular, and this is what I got. My (ALMOST 5 YEAR OLD!!!) boy, and my word I love him, he is a NUT!

p.s. this came with a roar

And... girlfriend's most fav activity. "Hand, hand....wawa ON!!!"
So, we choose to BELIEVE. We will continue to "act foolishly", because it's for GLORY and because He said so!
...and double p.s. Whenever I put foolish in quotations, Im not referring to anything someone said to us, Im referencing the 1 Corinthians passage of being "fools for Christ's sake.

(And FOR REAL, my blogger has a mind of its own! Sorry, I cant get the spacing to work right for the life of me!!)

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