Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Adventure Series I

Our first summer adventure was heading downtown to some of the fountains. Girlfriend's favorite game at home of splashing in the sink turned sour when she saw the giant streams of water leaping from the ground!

"Maybe I can reach it from here..."

A little coaxing from "Zach-a-wee" and Daddy did not help!

Brother, who is typically timid around the H2O, dove right in!

Well, he is still NOT a fan of water in his face, but hey... we're making progress!

Ansley clutched to Rob for dear life for the first half hour

But, once GF realized the water was not actually trying to take her out it was game on!

I even had a great chat with a mom we recognized from church!
A good time was had by all : )

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crookedtoes said...

I love seeing her be "normal"! It is so extraordinary.