Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You're Invited!

It's time to celebrate!! We are going to be having Ansley's 2nd Celebration and ya'll are invited again! We are doing the same thing as last year... an open house starting at 6:00 (there will be dinner) for everyone who has so faithfully supported and prayed for us over these last two years. I tear up even writing this because her celebration last year feels like yesterday. We were so overwhelmed with all that God had granted her and this year is no different. The mercy God has extended in answering our prayers for Ansley is beyond words. We find ourselves in the same position as we were so often in our early pleadings for her. There is nothing more do to but drop to our knees with our hands held high and let the tears fall, knowing that Jesus is interceding for us. There are no words that could express gratitude to our King for how he has rescued our daughter. There are no words to show how thankful we are for the power he has poured out on Ansley's behalf.

I remember when we were standing in front of our Jericho with our families, I prayed that God would touch her lips and give her words, so that she could speak His name and tell of his mighty acts in her. That is my greatest desire for her life. And here we stand, two years into this unbelievable journey with a daughter who is a medical phenomenon. I will never let it be said that the doctors were wrong. Our pediatrician has never been wrong about Ansley's brain. Our neurologist has certainly never been wrong about Ansley's brain. It is that God's power is stronger, that name of Jesus is capable of all things and He has graciously chosen to summon his power on behalf of Ansley and our pleas for her.

So, we hope to see you next Friday! If you need details, email us at countingalljoys@yahoo.com We would LOVE to see you!! You are welcome to stay the whole time, or just drop in and say hey for a bit. And again, no presents. Your love and support is gift enough!

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Kat said...

I wish we could come! She is beautiful and super special. I love the sparkle in her eyes! Have fun!!! Happy birthday, Ansley!