Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Adventure Series-Z's Bday (Day 1)

We want to always make sure (in light of Ansley's birthday celebrations) that Zachary knows his birthday is just as important, just as special...just as worth celebrating in a big way. Well, we had a hotel voucher and a few random giftcards, so we decided to take Zachary on a special birthday trip to our favorite place!! We waited til the morning of his birthday to tell him and he was ecstatic!

We started our day at the kids museum and pretty much stayed the whole day... this place is SO MUCH FUN!!!

Water fun...

"Little Yellow House" fun...

Girlfriend could play on a slide all day long. All day long...

Whatever it takes to get the job done. This boy watches his Daddy thats for sure!

HOW is my boy all grown up and turning FIVE?!!! Everytime I look at him he gets bigger. I am SOAKING UP my snuggles and Mommy lovin time because I know the clock is ticking til my boy doesn't want hugs & kisses from Mommy!

Our hotel certificate said "king", but the concierge bumped us to a suite! Holla! Always nice to not have to sit in the hallway once the kids go to bed! Oops, just realized I deleted the living room portion and Rob is asleep. Your imagination is going to have to hold you over on what the other side of the room looked like : )

Finishing off day one with a birthday dinner. Complete with cake, of course!

Oh my goodness, we love this kid more than words could express. The instant I saw him and became a mother was really one of the most beautiful, breathtaking moments of my life. Absolute love like I'd never known. A wise mentor, Toni, encouraged me long ago to view the strong willed nature the Lord gave him as something God could use for good. She encouraged us to pray that the Lord would use the fighter spirit that he has to be a warrior for the kingdom of God. How dramatically that view can change everything! It turns something that presents tough discipline challenges for parents into something the Lord uses for good. Not to mention... refines the character of the parent as they attempt to discipline IN LOVE. As the Lord disciplines us. We definately don't always succeed with this... but its certainly the goal ; )

Happy Birthday Bud, Buddy, Buddy-O, Bubbs, Bub-a-lub, Brother, "Brover", "Bubba", "Zac-a-wee", Dude, our Zachary (We have lots of pet names in this house!) WE LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY!!!

*Scroll down for Day Two*

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