Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Adventure Series - Z's Bday (Day 2)

We woke up the next morning and took a nice stroll along the water. You know I cant resisit my walking from behind pictures : )

One of our favorite things... the waterfall stairs!!

I mean seriously... look how big my boy is!!!

Up next, birthday lunch on a boat!

That was mostly spent on the INSIDE, second level... so the kids could run free ; )

Bubbs got to go in the captain's room and watch him steer the boat!

Rob said when the captain honked the boat's horn, the boy in the green shirt said it sounded like the boat was farting. Zachary and the boy burst into laughter and Rob said the grandmother looked like she was going to pass out! Haha! I've tried to avoid his ears hearing that version of the word for as long as I can, but I mean... he is a boy afterall. And it has been my experience that they never seem to outgrow thinking its funny... : )

Can I tell you that my lovebug decided that the pac-n-play just wasn't going to work for her anymore, so she was up the WHOLE night. Seriously, the WHOLE night. She was about to fall asleep mid-run... I kid you not. She got to the point where she just wanted to be held and snuggled. Yes, please! We'll take snuggly babes anytime!

As I've mentioned before, Rob and I lived in our "fav place" for the first year after we got married. For the first few months, Rob worked at a local coffee shop. He would often come home with a latte for him and a frozen mango tea drink for me. We always pop in on our way out of town to grab them!

And in case you're wondering, Ansley didn't even make it from the hotel to the coffee shop before she was OUT COLD. Clippie ripped out of the hair, shoes off... and OUT.

We seriously have the best kids. We are so blessed to be their parents!

*Scroll down for Zachary's BIG Birthday Reveal*

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