Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zachary's Party

My boy turned FIVE!! His party day was at a splash park of sorts. He could NOT have been more excited!

Ansley is all about Baby Noah time. She even lets him sit in her comfy chair : )

All Zachary wanted was a Superman cape. Even though he has never seen any type of Superhero book, movie etc... he is all about it right now!

How many five year olds does it take to figure out a water gun?

Bubs is NOT a fan of water in his eyes, so this binocular type deal is how he copes. Oh, that boy!

Here is a sneak preview (and clue) to Zachary's birthday present. OH.MY.WORD. This thing took us for-ev-er (think Sandlot). It was so worth it to see how much he has enjoyed it!

Stay tuned for the reveal and our next Summer Adventure Series - Zachary's BirthDAY edition. And yes, I know I've been a total blog slacker, and no, we have not only had one summer adventure. I'll catch up, I promise!!

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