Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beyond Explaining

"It's remarkable. It's just... it's remarkable."

Though we wouldn't have quite labeled ourselves as nervous this morning, my hand still shook while I was filling out Ansley's paperwork. We just can't be in that office and remain unaffected by the previous two years. But... we sat hopeful. Shaking, but hopeful. Remembering not to make her neurologist's words an idol, but to rest in where our Hope comes from and KNOW that her Creator determines what her brain will be capable of.

Ansley sat on Rob's lap with her "A,B,C,D book", as she refers to it, and showed him the words God has put into her mouth. He remarked about his notes from our last appointment that were indicative of her having significant language delays/disabilities and commented on how astounding and remarkable her vocal gains had been. But, I think the puzzle is what got him. He watched in amazement as she followed our direction of picking each specific shape up, by both color & shape name, and placed it in it's proper position.

"This is just remarkable."

He was astounded not only that she knew her numbers, letters & etc, but that she said everything so clearly. He commented that it was certainly beyond crediting therapy to her gains. Her progress was beyond explaining. He felt quite certain she may very well not qualify for any special assistance at school through her county testing next summer. (Side note: I'm not sure I've ever mentioned this before, but it's a test we've known about and been praying for since she entered Early Intervention Services. It's a county test at the age of three to test overall development for entering the school system.) We've heard every therapist she has ever had say the exact same thing, but hearing it from the neurologist was... well, remarkable!

So, we continue on. We will never lose hope that through the Lord's mighty hand of strength and mercy that He will continue to deliver her. Thank to those of you who have chosen to believe with us from the beginning. You are a rare jewel to us. You just have no idea how grateful we are to you. Thankful for the gift of rejoicing today!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Oh my word, it would take a lot to give a full update on the past few months... and since we all know how well I did keeping up with the 'Summer Adventure Series', we'll just hit a few highlights!

Crayons galore, people. All day. Everyday.

Ansley's therapist brought Zachary some Hulk gloves (and mask & costume!) and we are all about some superhero fun around here!

p.s. Girlfriend packs a mean "Hulk maaash!"

Sibling love (with some splashes of rivalry) as usual...

Ohhh, my not so little man had his last, first day of Pre-K. We made the decision long ago (with the late summer b-day) to wait on Kindergarten. Oh, I am soaking in this last year with him at home!!

And can I just say... Sass-a-frass is in full force around these parts! And we love it!

Thursday is our bi-annual neurology appointment. I'm not nervous, Im not entirely excited... but Im eager. The last time we saw him, he said he didn't believe normal language development would be possible for her. Among other things... The further we walk down this road, the more the Lord build the confidence in us in His Word, His power... His mercy. While her neurologist is the expert, and I don't believe he has been wrong about anything... her Maker has the final word and THAT is why Ansley is where she is. Her doctor knows the brain & certainly knows what Ansley's would have most likely been capable of... if ever. But... it is because of the strength of God's outstretched arm and His lifted hand of mercy towards our cries for her that we walk in that office on Thursday with confident hope.

We will take her beloved magna-doodle & show him how she recognizes (and says) all her letters and numbers. We will show him how she can draw an 'x' and circle. We will take her puzzle to show him how she follows the direction to grab each shape & place it where it belongs. And even if he speaks words over her again that take life away, we know where our Help comes from. We are confident that the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will continue to deliver her. We know its impossible, but we will continue to believe. He has delivered her thusfar, and I will risk everything to believe in His great, unmeasurable power & mercy to continue to do so! Come, Lord Jesus.

(As you know if you've been following us for awhile, these appointments can sometimes be very difficult to get through emotinally, so we would immensely appreciate your prayers!!)

Matthew 19:26 "Jesus said to them, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Babe of my Heart

I'm going to just let you know that within the first 15 seconds you are probably going to want to "x" out of this video. If your heart is beating, it's going to feel an ache. KEEP WATCHING. Redemption stories will wash over you. THIS is why. This is why, as the body of believers in Jesus Christ, we are commanded to care for orphans in their distress. I understand not everyone is called to adoption, but we are all called to do something.

(Turn up your this song. My word, has He turned our dust into beautiful things!)