Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A microphone & the zoo

I'll get to the microphone story, but first we'll take a little trip to the zoo. And since visiting just once costs barely less than a year round pass, you may be seeing more zoo pictures in the future : )

Our friends Rachel & "baby Noah" joined us

Girlfriend is not too much bigger than her 16 month old friend!

Such a little stud!

I'll spare you the picture I took of the momma mon..sorry, chimpanzee nursing her baby!

Can we all just agree that sand is the worst ever?! Kids love it though!


So... the microphone. Well, we shot our video for Ansley's story last Wednesday. I'm proud to say that I didn't cry!! I can hardly believe it! I did get choked up a couple of times & Rob cried a bit talking about his dad (who will forever be a HUGE part of Ansley's story), but other than that I was out of my mind EXCITED. The Lord gave us a vision two years ago, and as we sat on our couch shooting the video... it was coming to fruition. Beautiful, glorious... wonderous MERCY & POWER. So much joy I couldnt even attempt to wrap words around it. But, Im confident the LORD will tell HIS story & accomplish HIS PURPOSES for the glory He has revealed in Ansley through our stuttering!

Our videographer spent probably 15-20 minutes trying to get Rob's microphone to work, but it wouldn't. He had tried everything & nothing was working. Of course it had worked just fine when he tested it, but he couldn't get the stinkin thing to turn on! We were looking at having to do our interview seperately, which meant chopping up the flow of just letting the Lord tell her story through our lips. We weren't too excited about that possibility. So the producer said, "Well, lets pray over it!" We all prayed over the microphone & voila... it started working!

It was such an amazing joy & priviledge and I can hardly wait to see it! Our pastor will be sharing it in a couple of weeks to finish up his current series on prayer. We'll put the video up after that :)

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