Sunday, January 8, 2012

A JOY-full song!

(We just got internet at the new house a few days ago...hence the silence.)

As we brought the last year to a close, I've found myself thinking often of the new song the LORD has given in absolute abundance. And wondering where His hand of great mercy will lead us in this new year. I find my heart stirring the Hope waters & expecting great deliverance. Remembering the unfathomable & pleading for it to continue.
We had a few warm days over Christmas that allowed a wagon ride, complete with an old school stereo belting out the Bing & Frank, with hot chocolate.

If only I could get these two to pretend they like each other...

at least for one picture... :)

We spent much of the break enjoying downtown Christmas festivities...

with Zachary's channeling of Ellen Griswold in his picture taking with Rob... (if you haven't seen Christmas Vacation, you're gonna be lost on that!)
and Buddy the Elf-like delight in giant trees.

We glitzed some cookies...

until Girlfriend realized we were a bunch of jokers wasting our time on the cookies...

and went straight for the good stuff.

Momma tears ran down my cheeks as I held my Redeemed princess in her dark room singing, "Sleep in heavenly peeeeeace..." over and over to her heart's great delight (and mine!).
p.s. Three barstools and they both want to sit in the same one.
Plenty of Christmas REST was to be had...

And a sweet new member of the family enjoyed her first. Meet baby Maya:
Our warrior has been desiring superheroes & space exploration...

Thank you post-Halloween 75% off clearance! And if you've seen him since the 25th...these are the only two versions you've been likely to find of him :)

While the other sweets enjoyed her new pretends.

Uncle Kevin made our big extremely happy when he received a space shuttle (his current obsession). Please note the 99 cent pink calculator Ansley is holding in the bottom left of this picture. We laughed when my mom got the kids little calculators in their stockings, but she kept calling it her i-phone, running her thumbs across the screen and refusing to put it down! (Thanks again Uncle Scott & Aunt Dre for the space helmet!)

Rob & Zachary "hiked" the 1/2 mile ridge through the woods between our house and Jan's.
And brother and sister have been enjoying watching the construction across the street from the playroom window.

And our latest adventure...potty training! I've mentioned how she was forcing me to start and so far...well, its Day 3. Plenty of accidents, plenty of success & a few of her asking on her own. Even though its a pain, ITS A GIFT. I try to remind myself of that when I'm blotting at the rug with cloths & Resolve :)
We will continue to sing & continue to stir!

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