Friday, June 22, 2012


Rob's grandparents just shared their 60th wedding we took a fun weekend trip to Chicago to see the whole extended fam.
(You are about to experience an obscene amount of pictures...just felt it fair to warn you at the onset)

If you have a little boy who loves firefighters, as you know ours does...take him to the Firezone outside of Chicago...FU-UN!

He enthusiastically answered every question, so it only made sense that he was the demonstration helper :)

p.s. Chicago is cold.

Happy 60th to Grandpa Rich & Grandma DeeDee!!!

My sleeping buddy for the weekend.  We had 2 king beds and decided in favor of sleep, so Rob slept with Ansley in one and I slept with Zachary in the other.  Both kids (and parents) slept like champs.  Worth it!

"The Cloud Gate"...but we preferred to call it the bean.


The closest we got to a group picture...and there were over 50 of as you can see...not the best attempt :)

FUN getaway! 

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