Friday, August 17, 2012

He's SIX!!

There have been few evenings lately that have not included teary eyed talks with the husband about this boy and the coming kinder fun.  We have talked about it like it's Disneyworld and after his orientation day...he was hooked.  Made a momma's heart let out a big sigh of relief!  And though I'm far from elated he'll be gone all day...I'm excited for him because he's so excited. 

Zachary's birthday was widespread over parties with buddies and parties with families.


p.s. It undoubtedly needs to mentioned that his slow pokin' momma smoked everyone on that track and came in first for the birthday boy. 

Sister needed some ice water & a shady spot to relax with her main squeeze on that hot summer day.  And no, Rob is not profusely sweating from the shoulder...he had just come off the bumper boats.

THE day started off with birthday donuts...

Minnie & company can often be found suiting up in brother's fire station :)

Zachary shares a birthday with my oldest brother, so we had a fun family double birthday celebration.

And birthday boy ninja training...

Yes, all birthday boys :)
A slightly more typical representation of my oldest sweet.  His heart is being so pruned right now...Rob & I can both see it.  The teary eyed questions, the desire to know more...the Lord is stirring in him.  Hoping his name is called into the kingdom soon! 
And as we prepare to venture into the school days, my greatest desire is that his heart knows TRUTH.  To be equipped in knowing how to FIGHT his battles and where to look for Help. 
A new season for him and for me.  Going to miss him like CRAZY, but I know it'll make our time together that much better.  Shew...slow this train down!!!
Judges 6:12 "...The LORD is with you, mighty warrior."
That's all you ever need, Buddy.  Love you more than words my growing boy...Happy 6th Birthday!

*Look below for "She's THREE!!*

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Sarah said...

I know how you feel somewhat! Garyn is old enough now to go to Kindergarten this year but like Zachary, he will go at 6. When is his birthday exactly? Seeing all his buddies go and hearing the stories has already got this momma teary eyed thinking about next year. Trying to conserve this last year with him! Enjoy your little sweet still at home!