Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Redemption Day - Four Years Later

Oh, this day.  I went to bed last night not thinking I would fully feel the weight of it when I woke up..but Im so, so thankful I did.  I don't ever want to not feel it.  Knowing the reality of Ansley's diagnosis is what makes the mighty redemption God has poured out over her life that much MORE a display of his power and grace in her life.  We celebrate this day every year and I never could have dreamed four years ago that this would be as sweet as it is. 

And today...?  We're leaving for Disneyworld as soon as Daddy gets home :)  I am BESIDE myself!  Our sweet love, who we knew may never have the gift of speaking, is running around talking about meeting Minnie & Jake...seeing the princess castle...and on and on.  Zachary can hardly contain himself making sure we remember everything he wants to do/see/experience.  It is SO fun to see how excited they are. 

We've had many a request for updated pictures, so I'll leave you with a few...but you can rest assured we'll be back with more once we're home from the most magical place on earth!! 


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